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Upcoming events:

2019 Newsletter

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We are collecting old computers/printers for charity,
please bring them with you to a meeting. Thanks.

Happenings at the Club Meeting

April Meeting

There is a sigup sheet for each month and we need volunteers to make a main dish. Club will remimburse upto $50 for meal.
There still a few openings - please call Gail at 937-776-5944

Flower Planting will be June 1st at 9AM - WmPenn sponsored flower planting day at Queen of Martyrs Church - A thank you from Anne Marie and Mark for the use of McAuley hall. We will need volunteers to help.

The William Penn Association and the Magyar (Hungarian) Club of Dayton are hosting an event at the Dayton Dragons Baseball Game on Friday May 31, 2019 @ 7:00 PM. The cost is $25/person and includes the game ticket, seat in Section 104, dinner buffet at the Fifth Third Cafe and a souvenir hat. .
Please call Mark Schmidt for tickets, 937-667-1211.

The Spring Dinner/Dance was a success!!! Hope you can join us next year!
And to everyone who participated - A great big Thank You!

Pictures will be posted soon!

June Meeting

June 2nd- Sunday
Chicken Paprikas and Nokedli will be served.

The World A'fair 2019

The 2019 World Afair is quickly approaching. May 17-19 at the Dayton Convention Center. If you are interested in helping out in the Hungarian Booth you can either sign up on the sign up link below or you can contact Kathy Nozar, Sue Anne Berry, Robin Kohr or Cindy Dobo. We will provide tickets for anyone who volunteers to work which will get you into the festival free of charge.

Club Dues 2019

Dues are $20 per person for the year.

They are due in January, but can be paid in advance if desired.

Please mail to:

Magyar Club of Dayton
c/o Linda Vance
126 Marchester Dr.
Kettering Ohio 45429
or bring your payment to the January Meeting.

Please make checks payable to: Magyar Club of Dayton

Past events:

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